Our Mission

Our Mission is simple; we want to give patients around the world the information and network they need to find their rightdevice: 


Welcome to the future of surgery. 

Welcome to rightdevice!

Needing Surgery?


Over 10 million patients each year receive medical implants in the US alone. Yet, almost none of them are aware that numerous device options are available for each individual procedure.


Imagine if you had complete access to medical research and data in one place simplifying your ability to make an educated decision about your surgery. Right Device gives you all the tools needed to talk with your doctor about what is best for you. Welcome to the new reality:


Where patients are informed and providers listen!

Find your device

Right Device is a platform that provides individuals the opportunity to research and review medical implants currently on the market that would have otherwise remained unknown.


Where the real magic happens is our proprietary search function that enables patients to find the RightDevice tailored to individual needs by providing background on what makes you.... you.

Making things:


Simple, Easy, & Informed

Speak with your surgeon

Once you have established which device(s) best fit your needs, we recommend discussing your options with your surgeon. Our “My Device” print out is your partner for surgical conversations, providing you with complete FAQ’s on your device picks.


By using the most current and accurate data from our partners, we can connect you to local health care centers, providers, and surgeons that are supported with ratings, reviews, and more:


It's time to give the power back to the patient.

Give Back

Our members are the key to our success. Providing feedback helps incoming patients rely on genuine experiences. We encourage our users to share their experiences with the rest of our community by writing reviews on the product they received.


RightDevice’s shift in healthcare encourages patients to speak about their experiences on an anonymous, open, and reliable platform. Peer to peer ratings and reviews establish a supportive community encouraging conversation for medical decisions.


Join rightdevice in pioneering the new age of healthcare information:


It all begins with you!


About The Founders

Rightdevice was founded by medical industry insiders who saw the opportunity to give patients what they had…. Information. From constantly speaking with doctors and patients they found a clear difference in the way they understood the surgical process and thus a clear need for providing the insight that they had for individuals outside of the medical world.

With leadership having years of experience in working with medical device companies, management consultants, and tech start-ups rightdevice was born bringing the benefits of all three worlds to one.

We have the right people for the rightdevice.

About The Company

Rightdevice is a medical technology company specializing in the education of medical implants for patients.  We were established in 2016 at a small house in La Jolla, California where the founders realized there is a big issue in todays healthcare system, with heavy emphasis in the surgical setting.  

Since then the company has expanded to include a small selected group of developers and marketers to help boost awareness throughout the US.  As a company we believe that what we are trying to accomplish will help millions of people and relieve some stress that is associated with a big life changing procedure.  We are still in the early stages of this adventure but plan to expand our development team, operations team, and board of directors to become more well rounded corporation.

About The Vision

Rightdevice is a brand new technology which brings together a multitude of information into one easy to use platform.  Our vision is to be the future of surgery and we are accomplishing this everyday with every new member that joins our community.  We continue to expand our database and refine our platform so it becomes more useful for our members.  

We are currently in the works of a proprietary algorithm that will help patients find a device tailored to their personal situation.  In addition to adding more development within out site we plan to partner with established companies that will compliment our service and make our site more valuable for our members.  The future is bright at Rightdevice and we encourage you to join the ride and be a advocate for the advancement of medicine.

  • I trust my surgeon, why would I use a site like this?
    • Rightdevice is not designed to question the motives or decision making of your doctor but to educate patients on what is available for certain procedures.  We believe that have a site where patients can read and inform themselves on the latest in medical advancement has tremendous value.  That being said, we hope patients use our website in conjunction with their surgeon’s experience to chose their rightdevice.
  • Does it matter what kind of health insurance I have?
    • In most cases the type of health insurance has no effect on which implant a doctor uses.  Medical device companies have contracts with nearly all insurance companies just for this reason. So, depending on the procedure, insurance companies will account for the use of any brand implant in the initial cost of the operation. 
  • Do certain implants cost more than others? Will I see an added cost?
    • Yes, certain implants do cost more than others.  But recently medical device companies have become very price competitive so costs are relatively similar.  But depending on the procedure, hospitals and surgery centers have a set price for each operation regardless on which device is used in the procedure.  So patients do not see a fluctuation in price when choosing a specific implant.
  • What if my doctor disagrees with all my implant choices?
    • On rare occasions your doctor may disagree with all of your device choices.  In the event of this happening we recommend trying a few different approaches.  First thing, ask you doctor what implant he uses and why.  Then take a look at the implants you have chosen, check at how many publications are done on the product along with the market share compared to other products.  We believe each patient should be on the same page as their doctor, and we encourage a mutual agreement on which implant you receive. 
  • The hospital my doctor operates at doesn’t carry any of my device choices, what should I do?
    • In order to cut down costs and increase profits some hospitals are trying to reduce the amount of medical device companies they purchase from.  The rationale is, if hospitals can set a contracts with 1-2 medical device companies for a specific procedure they will get a generous discount for the cost of the implant, due to the large sale volume.  Sadly, this regresses the mindset of medical advancement and the people who are effected most are both doctors and patients.  If your hospital only carries 1-2 different implants for your procedure, we would recommend looking around at different hospitals.
  • I don’t see my procedure on the website?
    • Rightdevice is constantly trying to add more and more procedures to our database.  We are a growing company and we hope to have 2-3 times the number of procedures by the end of 2018.  If you have specific questions about your procedure please email us and we can help,
  • I’m still unsure what deice is right is right for me, what should I do?
    • We are still in the building stages of this website, but our future plans will provide additional support for those who are still unsure which implant is best for them.  We are in the works of a proprietary technology which will be able to select an individual device for each patient depending on individual specifications. 


If you have a question not listed above, please send us an email and we will get back to you within 24 hours.  Email us at

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