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For Patients

We have unbiased, simplified information that allows you to know the right questions to ask and to make sure you are choosing the rightdevice for your upcoming surgery. 

For Surgeons

Tired of being bombarded by device reps in the OR? Hard to keep up with all of the latest device updates and releases? Let us help you find the rightdevice.

For Device Companies

We provide wearable technology, so you can predict, track, and measure your progress against other patients to ensure you are on the path to recovery.

Want an easy way to showcase your products to surgeons and patients? Partner with us to boost your exposure and have the ability to: 


Rightdevice is an open platform of medical device information that allows patients, surgeons, reps, and manufacturers to communicate, and collaborate all in one place. Together we can create a more informed and effective way to ensure everyone is getting the rightdevice for their needs.

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