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Built For The Industry 

Designed By Patients


Device Companies


Device Reps

rightdevice is the first open-sourced platform for the medical device industry. With the largest accessible database of medical devices, we allow the industry to connect directly with patients to provide transparency and gain trust. Prepare, educate, and supply patients with the tools they need to make an educated decision.

1. Medical Device Companies

By producing content & simplifying complex medical information, MDC's can bring together the entire surgical ecosystem. The more content, the more awareness, which brings more patients. 

2. Patients

By having easily accesible medical information, patients can directly engage with companies, and other patients who have past surgical experience. The more patients, the more reach, which leads to more engagement with surgeons and other medical professionals 

3. Surgeons

By having the latest simplified, and relevant product information, and patient engagement all in one place, it makes it easy for surgeons to engage directly with MDC's, their products, and their reps. The more surgeons, the more patients, the more your company grows. 

Med Device Companies

Boost your product page with personalized videos, high quality photos, and preferred positioning.

Learn from your customers on how your products are performing.  With detailed reports we give information thats never been captured.

Utilize our database of doctors and patients for marketing campaigns.  Get the full analytics and follow ups on each campaign.

Get leads from doctors and patients who are seeking more information about your products.

Use our analytics report to track customers actions, from; Views, Impressions, Leads, and more.

The Platform

The Ecosystem

Medical Device Compmaies
  • Promote Your Company & Products

  • Get Insights Into Patient Data & Feedback

  • Connect Directly With Patients & Surgeons

  • Be A Leader In Transparency 

Device Reps
  • Understand The Market & Competition

  • Advertise Directly To Surgeons & Patients

  • Showcase Your Products & Knowledge

  • Simplified Information All In One Place

  • Connect Directly WIth Product Specialists

  • Trusted & Unbiased Platform

  • Get Insights Into Patient Reviews & Feedback

  • ​Only Get Updates You Care About

  • Schedule Meetings With Reps On Your Terms

  • Learn More With Simplified Information

The Data

The Data

Get The Data You Need

And Trust 

Mydevice™ Reports
Product Comp Analysis
Patient Engagement 
Views & Reviews
Lead Lists

Our Partnership


Incoming Patients

Surgeon Requests

Recruiting Talent


Product Placement

Video Demos

Company Profile Page

Impression Based


Patient Use Reports

Product Performance

Lead Tracking