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Back Pain Series (Part 3)

Back pain is the most common reason for doctor’s visits in the U.S. It’s no wonder that it’s a topic on many patient’s minds and misinformation abounds. We are privileged to have back pain/movement specialist, Nathan Kadlecek, DPT, founder of Kadalyst Wellness and Physical Therapy, join us.

The common misconception is that when a non-fracture injury such as a muscle spasm or strain occurs, we should stop moving and only rest. It may seem counter-intuitive but after an injury occurs it is important to begin the rehab process right away.

In Part 3, Nathan goes over 11 exercises that you can do today to start strengthening your back and start that rehab process!

Start from the beginning and check out Part 1 here!


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Nathan is a powerlifter and physical therapist who’s helped hundreds of people recover from injury and get strong, including iron man competitors, ultra-marathoners, weekend warriors, and high level baseball players. He completed his B.Sc degree of Exercise Science in Arkansas at Harding University and Doctor of Physical Therapy education at Columbia University in New York City.

Nathan thrives on solving large, complex problems and is on a mission to fix America’s broken healthcare system by educating people about pain, self-efficacy, and self-determination.

He’s a movement optimist

A health resiliency evangelist


San Diego, CA


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