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Companies Bringing Transparency to Healthcare

The healthcare system today is a convoluted labyrinth of confusing lingo and bureaucratic red tape.

Right Device wants to empower patients by providing knowledge and resources to patients about their upcoming surgery. But we aren't the only ones putting patients first. Check out these 14 other companies also raising the "blue curtain."

1. Healigo

Healigo is a digital platform that allows physiotherapists to be in contact with patients and send them exercise programs directly to their smartphones. In this way, patients can see tutorials of the exercises from their homes, which allows greater adherence to the rehabilitation plan. Through this software, patients can also receive reminders to perform their exercises and can report their daily progress to the physiotherapist. This platform allows for generating more income and increasing the quality of care and customer satisfaction.

2. Medbridge

MedBridge offers high-quality and easy-to-use software that allows patients to access a wide variety of physiotherapeutic exercises to perform from the comfort of their homes. These programs offer greater comfort for the patient and therefore greater adherence to treatment.

Medbridge offers more than 5,000 HD video exercises developed by professionals, which can be applied in a wide variety of pathologies such as musculoskeletal injuries, stroke, neuropathies, among others. The videos include voice-over and written instructions in English and Spanish, which ensures that patients perform the exercises properly.

Through this platform, physiotherapists can schedule personalized exercise routines for their patients and update them as patients progress in their therapeutic program.

3. Physitrack

Physitrack is an application that allows you to send videos of narrated and high definition exercise programs directly to the patient's cell phone or computer, thus promoting commitment and adherence to treatment. In addition, this platform contains an integrated system for conducting video consultations and demonstrations of live exercises.

This platform allows the physiotherapist to integrate and classify their patients, collect and analyze results, manage patient admission, and expand clinical consultations. Physitrack helps provide patient-centered care through real-time information.

4. SeamlessMD

SeamlessMD is a digital tool that allows health professionals to guide their patients during their recovery process. This application helps to establish better monitoring of the patient, which allows reaching the therapeutic objectives quickly. In addition, it allows establishing an interactive service that includes reminders, to-do lists, videos, and evidence-based education.

5. mPOWEr

This is an application that allows monitoring of the surgical wound after surgery, in order to identify early signs of infection or other complications. The follow-up is established through photos and direct communication between the patient and the surgical team.

This interface helps surgeons to closely monitor multiple surgical patients, thus improving the quality of care and avoiding costly and uncompensated readmissions.

6. Buddy healthcare

This application provides patients with precise instructions about the steps to follow before and after undergoing surgery. The chronological order of events makes it easier for patients to follow everything that must be completed throughout this process.

Through the application, patients can easily complete all forms related to the intervention such as the pre-anesthesia questionnaire, and send them to the clinic safely.

This system guides patients regarding pre-surgery preparations such as when to stop eating, drinking, and what medications to take or discontinue before the intervention.

BuddyCare helps faster recovery after surgery. Patients receive instructions regarding the exercises they should perform, how to perform wound care, and what medications to take after surgery. In addition, an interactive timeline allows care personnel to monitor whether or not postoperative instructions have been followed.

7. Reflexion Health

Reflexion Health is an application that offers the opportunity to enjoy physical therapy from your home. This platform offers personalized training in the performance of specific exercises, clinical supervision by physiotherapists, and consultations with specialists. This allows patients to accelerate the recovery process from home.

8. Force therapeutics

This platform uses digital connections to involve patients in the recovery process. Patients communicate with their care teams at any time, which allows them to keep up to date on the patient's progress and provides the opportunity to clarify certain doubts that may arise during recovery. In addition, personalized digital content is delivered daily to each patient to educate them about their pathology.

9. Tapcloud

TapCloud is a very useful application for both the medical team and patients, as it simplifies care plans by increasing patient compliance, customizing and updating care plans for each patient, and allows minute-by-minute registration of the patient's health, which helps to quickly identify alarm signs and prevent the development of complications. This platform improves patient results, optimizes the allocation of resources and increases patient satisfaction.

10. MyRecovery

MyRecovery allows patients to be guided through the recovery process by providing advice and suggestions certified by specialists. This application improves communication between patients and doctors, thus reducing anxiety and strengthening the doctor-patient relationship. Myrecovery helps to standardize and rationalize the pathways of care and, therefore, to reduce the cost of clinical care. In addition, this platform allows doctors to closely monitor the progress of patients.

11. Twistle

Twistle is a digital platform that optimizes medical care by improving communication between doctors and patients, allowing for adequate patient follow-up. This platform sends personalized information to patients about the pathology they suffer. In addition, it ensures compliance with preparation instructions, appointments, therapies and medications, which leads to better results, including greater clinical quality and safety.

12. Peerwell

Peerwell is an application that helps people with chronic musculoskeletal pathologies to reduce their symptoms by performing exercises programmed by professionals. This platform can avoid the need for surgical intervention, or when surgery is unavoidable, it helps patients in the home recovery process, accelerating their incorporation into their daily routine. PeerWell is an extension of the health care team that works to reduce patient risk, control costs and improve back-to-work times.

13. Mobomo|Pulse

Mobomo|Pulse is a medical care platform whose objective is to help patients recover after orthopedic surgery. Through the application, providers guide the activity of their patients and monitor their progress. This platform helps reduce post-surgical complications and accelerates the return of the patient to daily activities.

14. Favorhealth

This application works as a virtual medical assistant that helps the surgical team to guide patients to prepare properly for their surgery. An adequate pre-surgical orientation avoids the cancellation of surgeries and last-minute inconveniences which could lead to additional expenses.

In addition, this platform allows the patient to be continuously monitored after surgery, thus reducing unnecessary visits to hospitals, post-surgical complications, and readmissions. Through virtual records and a dashboard to help doctors monitor progress, she helps ensure that patients follow the proper instructions and that doctors are notified about the progress of patients.

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