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What will my Hip Replacement Recovery look like?

Updated: Feb 19

Patients who undergo hip replacement expect to regain their lifestyle and eliminate pain. This is achieved in most cases, but returning to your daily activities will take time. Staying active in the recovery process will help you speed up the recovery time and improve the results of the surgery.

The return to daily activities varies depending on the type of replacement performed and the individual characteristics of the patient. In the follow-up consultations, your doctor will evaluate your progress and advise you about what exercises you can perform. Even though you will be able to resume most activities, you may want to change the way you do them. For example, you may have to learn new ways to flex to protect your new hip. You also should use a cane, walker, or crutch to distribute your weight support and not overload the joint

Return to everyday activities

After surgery, it is essential to stay active and perform light activities according to your tolerance. The key is not to overload the joint too much. While some days are better than others, you will notice a progressive improvement over time.


You will be able to drive again when you are no longer taking narcotic pain relievers and when the strength and reflexes have returned to normal. This usually happens within a period of approximately 1 month. However, your doctor will help you determine when to drive again, since all patients are different.

Sexual activity

Depending on your condition, you may resume sexual activity within 6 weeks after surgery, as long as there is no significant pain. Initially, you should opt for positions that do not require flexion or adduction of the hip. As your hip heals, you will be able to take a more active role.

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Return to work

The return to work depends on the activities you perform and the evolution of your recovery. However, most patients return to their work activities within 3-4 weeks.

Sports and exercises

Patients undergoing hip replacement surgery may resume their sports activities within 2-3 months. Your doctor may recommend using a stationary bike to help you recover muscle tone and hip flexibility.

After this recovery process, you can return to practice the sports of your choice. You can walk as much as you want, but remember that you should still comply with the exercises prescribed by your doctor and physiotherapist.

In general, low-impact physical activities, such as playing golf, swimming, hunting, biking and playing light tennis, put less stress on the hip joint and are preferred over high-impact activities such as running, racquetball and ski.


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