How It All Began

In today’s world consumers are becoming more knowledgeable about their purchasing decisions and are demanding more information before they are willing to commit to buying just about anything. This is completely understandable given the immense amount of information that we have to process every day. Why wouldn’t someone want all the information available before making a purchase?

This concept only magnifies when the purchase becomes larger and more expensive, for example when buying a home or a car. People will do hours upon hours of research: what’s the neighborhood, school district, does it have a yard; or what’s the horsepower, does it come with leather, how big is the trunk, etc...

Imagine if the questions were; Will I be able to walk again? Will I have to have another surgery? How long will I not be able to work? When you put it that way, what's more important, your health or your car? This leads to the biggest question…… Why has this NOT happened in the healthcare industry?

Patients show up to hospitals only having limited information about their health problems, and know even less on the options they have for solutions. We find this so backwards, being in good health is vital to a long and happy life. We believe patients deserve all the information possible to help them make their healthcare decisions.

This is this our mission at rightdevice. We are here to bring information and transparency into an industry that desperately needs it. rightdevice is a platform built for patients to research medical devices for their upcoming surgery. We understand that surgical information is complex, so we have made it easy to use, unbiased, and simplified the information, so patients of all backgrounds can be informed on their healthcare decisions.

Having any surgical intervention is a life-altering experience and can be daunting and scary which leads to patients feeling unsure, unprepared and full of anxiety and stress.

I think we can all agree that this unacceptable. The worst part is today’s current solution is so far from this concept. Which is exactly why we felt the need to fix it.

Rightdevice was started out of the simple idea that patients have a choice. With one half of the founding team coming from the medical device industry and the other coming from the world of platforms that we are familiar with today. Coming directly from the medical device industry we saw that patients were getting the cheapest and sometimes the incorrect products for their operations. If patients were given a choice, the product they received wouldn’t even be considered an option. So why does this happen? Hospitals trying to drive costs down, pushing constant demand for higher profits.

In laymans terms, imagine your car is needing a new tire, your old one has been worn down with no tread so you head to your local tire shop. You pay full price for a brand new tire that should last you 10’s of thousands of miles, but when the car rolls out of the shop they put spare tires on all your wheels. I know this analogy sounds funny, but it’s clear that it is a bad deal, and a situation no one would ever want to be in. This happens every day in the healthcare industry with no end in sight unless patients exercise their voice.

But, the best solution to combat this problem is patient education and empowerment. Patients need to realize they are the buyers in all healthcare decisions and have every right to ask questions, demand more information, and seek the best care possible. We are here to create a community of empowered patients, trusted professionals, and (starting one surgery at a time) changing patient outcomes.

Welcome to our community.

Welcome to rightdevice.


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