Having an upcoming surgery?

Due to COVID-19 most elective surgeries have been postponed. This may be a stressful time for you, but rightdevice is here to be your partner throughout your surgical journey. We want to give you tools to best prepare you for your upcoming surgery.

We partner with the best surgeons and hospitals  across the nation to give you a customized pre-operative experience to make sure you have the best outcome
Open-sourced platform that connects the surgical world to patient needs.
Surgery & device reviews from both patients and surgeons.
Transparent, simplified, and unbaised repository of healthcare information

What is rightdevice?

Our patient community

J&J Corail Hip System

"rightdevice changed the way I spoke to my surgeon. I felt prepared, empowered, and less stressed about my surgery. Such a valuable resource for me throughout my surgical journey." 

Susanna Q.

Hip Surgery Patient

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San Diego, CA


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