The fully threaded Corkscrew family of suture anchors was designed for maximum fixation strength and simple insertion. These implants are available in a variety of materials including titanium, PLLA, PEEK and BioComposite. An internal drive mechanism is combined with a unique FiberWire suture eyelet to allow for continuous threads along the entire length of the anchor. This design allows the anchor to be inserted flush with the cortical bone surface providing excellent fixation strength and stability while preventing the anchor “pull-back” effect that can occur in conventional anchors with protruding eyelets. The internal drive configuration allows for high insertion torque and the suture eyelet self-aligns to eliminate the need for specific eyelet orientation at the tissue edge. The anchors are double or triple-loaded with FiberWire suture to provide the best possible combination for superior repair strength.

Arthrex CorkScrew FT


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