While designing the Persona Knee, they used a combination of advanced research tools to study hundreds of knees, creating a global bone atlas. This furthered our understanding of native anatomic shape and function which allowed them to better match our implant shapes and sizes to patients of different ethnicity, gender, and stature.4-5 In a market focused on matching the bone to the implant shape and size, they found that the opposite needed to happen... they need to match the implant to the shape and size of the resected bone. In doing so, they confirmed that implant shape really matters. Fit really matters. Instrumentation and technology really matters. The Persona Knee was designed with all these elements in mind, because they believe a way to predictably improve patient satisfaction is to more closely reproduce the original.

Zimmer Biomet Persona

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    Zimmer’s patented Trabecular Metal technology.  Trabecular Metal is made from the element tantalum. It is particularly porous and allows for enhanced bone ingrowth, according to the Zimmer Persona website.



  • Additional Features

    ROSA Robot

    • Information about patient-specific data collection
    • Intraoperative validation of resections in the surgical field without the use of additional imaging equipment
    • Clinical efficiency through imaging options and reduced instrumentation
    • Collaboration with mymobility™ app

    MyMobility App

    • mymobility® app introduces an additional layer of connectivity with the ability to support patients outside the surgical event through consistent care processes and direct messaging features designed to reduce unnecessary office visits and variability of care.

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