Stay informed for your upcoming surgery.

Most elective surgeries have been postponed due to COVID-19. Use this time to learn about your upcoming surgery.


Rightdevice wants to give you tools to best prepare you for your upcoming surgery.

What is rightdevice?

Rightdevice is a platform dedicated to creating more transparency between patients, surgeons, and medical device companies.  
We aim to create a more informed and effective way to ensure patient is getting the rightdevice for their needs.

We partner with the best surgeons and hospitals  across the nation to give you a customized pre-operative experience to make sure you have the best outcome

Our Patient Community

Easily understand complex medical information by navigating our database and video library

Connect directly with the manufacturers to learn more about the products you're interested in 

Book complimentary consults with a Registered Nurse Practitioner to discuss your upcoming procedure

Engage with other patients, discover your available options, and share proven best practices


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