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The $8.7 Trillion Opportunity In Digital Health

Health care is a multi-trillion-dollar behemoth of the global economy — but it has a complicated relationship with technology, embracing some innovative tools while resisting others. Whether patients and their doctors are ready or not, though, digital disruption in health care will only accelerate in the years ahead.

Technology makes it easier for doctors to perform complex procedures, gives them access to more powerful drugs, and helps them avoid harmful errors. But in the digital age, gathering and using data is just as important if not more so.

In a new report from BI Intelligence, we analyze digital disruption in health care, looking at clinical operations and the role of electronic medical records. We identify the expanded scope of medical care and how patients will use health devices in their everyday lives, as well as survey the possible impediments to the digitization of health care in regulation, workflow resistance, and privacy concerns.

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Leading The Way One Knee At A Time

The Triathlon Knee System is designed to meet patients’ expectations for Lifestyle Recovery. The intuitive and evolutionary design is predicated on the worldwide clinical success of millions of Stryker knee implantations. The Triathlon Knee System is designed to provide patients more natural motion and the potential for greater implant longevity. The Triathlon Knee is an evolutionary design developed to more closely reproduce natural knee motion, designed to provide mobility with stability through 150+ degrees of flexion. 

Materials: Cobalt and Nickel

Implanted in 2016:  168,000

Recalls: No

Product Rating: 4.5 Stars 

Did You Know?

Depuy, Synthes, Ethicon, & Mitek

Johnson & Johnson is the largest medical device company in the world and provide products in numerous sectors of healthcare.  Most people do not know that Johnson & Johnson has several sub companies, the ones most relevant to the surgical setting are: Depuy, Synthes, Mitek, & Ethicon. Each has thier own specailty and is considered a very dominant player in each of their spaces.  Depuy one of the largest in the Total Joint market, Synthes is the largest Ortho Trauma, Mitek is a big player in Sports Medicine, and Ethicon is dominant in the general surgery market.  J&J is much larger than most think and is a powerhouse in the surgical realm.

Now you Know!