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Typically a surgical support team includes the surgeon, doctors, family, and friends. Our PatientPartner™ program introduces you to another team player: someone that has undergone the same surgery you are prepping for. It gives you the ability to ask surgery-specific questions, learn what to expect, and even hear about the recovery process first hand.

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Join a tight-knit community

Gain instant access to a community of surgeons and patients, each sharing their expertise and experience. The community will help make you feel more informed and confident about your surgery, with hundreds of surgeon and device reviews included.

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Patient portal

Surgery can be overwhelming. We get that. Our patient portal provides you with detailed data on each surgeon and device, helping you feel more confident and organized every step of the way.

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Find the best surgeon and device for your surgery.

Just like every surgery is different, so are patients' needs. Right Device will help you find a top-tier surgeon in a few simple steps.

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Dr. Brad Zingler

Orthopedic Surgeon
Knee & Hip Replacement Specialist

San Diego, CA 92037

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Knowing what is going into your body is important, and so is exploring your options. Use our device database to compare your implant options.

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and Advocacy (Part 3)

This week is the final post in our blog series with Kerry Morris! We take a look this week a powerful tool to help you evaluate your emotional and mental health after an injury!

April 30

What Is a Elective

One of the biggest changes to occur when the COVID-19 pandemic began to come across the U.S. was the cancellation of numerous elective surgery cases to help stem...

April 16

When Can I Return to
Sport after an ACL Injury?

Many factors can play a role in the cause of an ACL injury, especially among female athletes. Part of the rehab process involves working on the modifiable factors to reduce...

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